Let’s talk about it - again!

Dear friends and colleagues,


Being committed endoscopists, we are all concerned that even minor

invasive procedures may have side effects which might result in a

so-called complication. The evolving advances, not only in image

quality but also in invasive or surgical concepts and in patient care,

need a permanent process of reflection.



As in the years before, the aims of the symposium are to


  • identify critical incidents and complications communicate unforeseen events
  • develop strategies to avoid or minimize complications
  • demonstrate therapeutical measures for the eventuality of a complication


which we will discuss under technical, procedural, ethical, psychological

and legal aspects.



The 2017 symposium faces two major changes:


  • location: the symposium moves from Hannover to Hamburg
  • date: the symposium takes place in November, directly before the

        ENDO CLUB NORD meeting with live endoscopy


This means: With coming to Germany once you have the chance to

attend two complementing meetings. This is especially attractive

with our combined tickets.




Honorary president of the 5. International Symposium on

Complications in GI Endoscopy will be Prof. Dr. Friedrich

Hagenmüller. As you all know, Friedrich Hagenmüller

has an international reputation not only as an excellent

endoscopist but as a gastroenterologist with vast experience

in the whole spectrum of our field.


A highlight of our symposium will be his State of the Art

Lecture on “Interval cancers: Clinical entity or insufficient



Like in the years before we especially encourage you and your

co-workers to send in relevant abstracts.


A selected abstract will be presented as lecture in the main programme,

all others will be shown in the poster exhibition.



We invite you to join us in Hamburg for the symposium on

2 November 2017 and stay further for the ENDO CLUB NORD meeting on

3 and 4 November 2017.




Peter N. Meier